Spotlighting Technology in Mobile Gaming


As the world’s largest fab-less semiconductor company and deemed the most valuable US semi company, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors have the power to drive top quality video game play on mobile devices. Not core to Qualcomm’s typically recognized role, industry leaders, consumers and media are being introduced to the performance prowess  that Snapdragon processors bring to the heart of mobile devices. With 65% of the world’s devices imbedded with Qualcomm technology, better gaming is the foundation of Zebra’s marketing, industry relations, and B2B efforts on behalf of Qualcomm and the Snapdragon team.


Using our Bottom-up marketing approach, we’re focused on strategic efforts that build a supportive foundation for Snapdragon among industry leaders, influencers, developers, and media.  Included in our overall marketing plan are programs ranging from B2B developer efforts to strategic marketing partnerships to industry inspiration –  each of which is designed to embed the Snapdragon brand into the gaming world.  We’ve brought to life dozens of programs in the last year, including VIP invite-only industry leadership events, marketing partnerships with OEM and developer brands, and several large industry social events attended by hundreds of key leaders and gaming influencers.


Significant progress is being made as video game industry leaders, developers, media and consumer influencers are learning about the opportunities that Qualcomm  Snapdragon technology provides to make mobile experiences better and better.

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