Sapphire Energy

Making Algae A Reality


With oil prices escalating, climate change issues rising and national security concerns at all-time high, a domestically produced, low carbon fuel source should be top on Congress and industry’s agenda. But, algae-based fuels were still a footnote.


Our mission was to elevate awareness for algae as a viable, low carbon alternative to fossil fuels and get government officials, industry and influential consumers to take notice. Zebra implemented targeted communications and viral programs to reach influencers on and off the Hill to educate and inform about the benefits and reality of algae-based fuel. In addition to one-on-one media tours and speaking opportunities, Zebra brought algae and Sapphire into the limelight with a first ever test flight using the fuel in a commercial jet, a college educational tour with the crew of the film FUEL, and a tour where local officials across the nation helped introduce “the Algaeus,” as the first vehicle to cross the country using algae based fuel.


In addition to over 1,400 online stories and recognition as one of the top 10 hottest companies in bio-energy, Sapphire was awarded more than $100 million in Federal Funds 3 months following the campaign. Zebra was also awarded green campaign of the year by Bulldog Reporter.

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