Inspiring a Viral Movement


Fitness is something everyone knows they should do, but it’s hard to get motivated. For busy moms it’s even harder to find the time. The market is flooded with fitness products, and with a holiday launch, we needed to make the new Striiv portable fitness device stand out.


Capture the hearts, minds and bodies of women by inspiring and rewarding them for the little steps they take to a healthier lifestyle. With Striiv we made a movement around movement.

Zebra helped define the position of the Striiv brand and focused on building momentum for launch. Without early product to share or big budgets to drive awareness, we had to get creative. Zebra got the attention of top tier media with strategic demos and began an early, confidential sneak peek seeding campaign that kicked off at BlogHer with 80+ influential VIP bloggers. These movers and shakers couldn’t wait to share the news on announcement day and offered Striiv a base of support that continued to took off.


The movement was well received. At launch Striiv was covered in top consumer, tech, women’s media, and throughout the blogosphere. In the first four months, Zebra secured more than 1,250 stories/posts, representing more than 1.2 billion potential unique online viewers.

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